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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Sorry about the delay as I am currently on holiday tour – California & The Golden West. Already been to Los Angeles, Phoneix, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Flagstaff.

I did some research on Google to see if there was any news on the next-gen Resident Evil game. 
After disappointing sales on RE6 and Revelations, Capcom has FINALLY reviewed fan’s feedback, concerning on where the video game franchise is leading to. 
If Capcom did not take immediate action on changing the elements of the series, the Resident Evil video game franchise would be cancelled unexpectedly if the classical survival horror did not blend in properly like the retro RE games in the past. After careful consideration, Capcom confirms they are hard at work with RESIDENT EVIL 7 (currently in development) and wants to be ‘core fan-based’, promises the series WILL return back to what was with the scary, blood and gore theme that has driven the series to worldwide popularity.
Check out the full story here:

Let’s hope Capcom does not screw RE7, hoping they keep their promise this time.
Will update you guys on the latest upcoming RESIDENT EVIIILLLL!

Take care everyone and Happy Labour Day Weekend America!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog… It is now the beginning of August 2013, still no news on Capcom rebooting the entire game franchise or their next main series, even though rumours have suggested a possibly of the series continuing to RESIDENT EVIL 7 when it was a secret reveal towards E3 2013.. however this news has been confirmed ‘false’ by the Capcom team. But on the other hand, Capcom did say RESIDENT EVIL will or maybe be heading towards a ‘full reboot’, only if Revelations HD makes a good impression by fans. So today I will review the game that I have finished this week, apologies it took so long, as I was busy with other work. Please read my personal thoughts on the game below:

“My personal impressions of the game would be that even though Revelations in HD for the Xbox 360 did well in the video games market, selling about 900,000 digital copies worldwide, (including all the video game consoles the HD digital copy was ported on) and was Capcom’s BIGGEST seller game of all time, but my deepest concerned was the game did score an average rating rather than a great rating… not perfect as many survival horror gamers hoped for that this game would be a success. For example; as I was playing the game,  there was some dark and scary situations between missions, where players had very limited amount of ammo and health pick-ups to ‘survive the horror’ lurking behind every corner. But as the campaign was half way or at the near end, it started to lack off the horror abit. One thing I liked was a cruiser-mansion like setting, which was pretty cool. 

Graphics was okay, was worth it being transformed in HD format; good facial textures/expressions.  

The soundtracks in the game were boring, did not deliver that ‘creepy,spooky’ feeling!”                                                                                                      

 So I have come to my conclusion/summary of my review of the game;

The Good -:

  • Has a cruiser-like-mansion plot setting, which reminds you of the dark/spooky Spencer Mansion.
  • Nice cut-scene scenarios.
  • The portable version via Ninetendo 3DS was ported and re-released in HD for today’s 7th-gen game consoles.
  • Has some scares between missions, with a mixture of some suvirval/horror/action elements. 
The Bad-:
  • Lame story.
  • Was NOT classical survival-horror as Capcom mentioned. (They should bring Shinji Makami back as he was and still is the ‘maker of survival horror!’ Without him… Resident Evil does not ‘feel or experience that same classical survival-horror’, which he brought the franchise and his marvellous project work to fame around the world decades ago).
  • Weaponry customization system was not good.
  • Controls are dodgy, felt awkward playing on the X360.
  • The Raid Mode was rubbish, was a non-functional feature in the game.
  • Terrible Soundtracks.
Overall Rating – 6/10 (FAIR!) 



Hey Resident Evil gamers, I’m back after finishing my project work, its been a long few weeks since my previous blog post and I do apologize for that. Its been a hectic few weeks for me during my time at college and working part time. Please forgive me for not keeping you entertained.

Meanwhile, I have run several tests on how to work an emulator with the best settings on my powerful Acer Aspire PC while I was playing Resident Evil Rebirth (remake of the first original Resident Evil), although users will encounter some game sound or cinematic glitches, (I’m using the Dolphin 3.0 version by the way). Other than that, it has never interrupted my gameplay and is not a problem when you are playing in HQ or 1080p picture quality. Oh and you do need a very fast/powerful desktop PC to be able to play on game console emulators. Your PC system requirements should be the following:

  • Powerful CPU Dual Core (2 processors or more is fine!) And the CPU clock speed has to be around 3.00GHz or more. Must support SSE2.
  • Works with Windows XP, 7, 8 operating systems.
  • Also works with Apple Linux or MacOSX Intel operating systems.
  • GPU containing Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater. Not all integrated graphics card work though. The best graphics card I say would be Nvidia or Intel HD Graphics driver.

Okay, first of all, head over to the Official Dolphin Emulator Website and from there you can learn on how to install Gamecube/Wii Emulators for PC by watching the Youtube tutorial video on how to get started.

Next, you gonna have to install 7-Zip, which is a free unpacking program where you can extract emulator and game ROM files onto your desktop PC. But before you do that, make sure you create 2 folders. One for the Emulator and the other for the game ROM files.

Head over to, where you will find a database list of all the retro game ROM files you can download for your Emulator. Your all set, hope you enjoy your games!

See you on the next update which is ‘Resident Evil: Revelations Impressions’.

Good news everyone, we are fast approaching to mid May 2013 and its getting close to Resident Evil: Revelations to be available on almost every home video game consoles near you.

According to my research, I found out Capcom will be delivering a demo version of the most rated Resident Evil “original survival horror game” for fans to try out very soon before getting the actual full game when released in-stores.

This game will mark the return of survival horror in Resident Evil history since decades ago,          and there are six good reasons to buy the game, on what I have read on GammaSquad.
Here is the release dates for all console platforms:
  • Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Wii U & Xbox 360 

NA May 21, 2013.

JP May 23, 2013.

AU May 23, 2013.

EU May 24, 2013.

For more info, click here! The game must be UNMISSABLE if it is priced at a high rate. The PC version will be priced at cheapest of 29.99, while the home-console versions will be at 39.99!
See you on the next update soon… take care everyone and have a splendid time wherever you are! 🙂

Happy Sunny & warm days everyone,

just wanted to give out a quick note to all of you readers/supporters of my blog out there. Since there will be delays on new upcoming post that I will publish from now on, I will be really busy since I found a new job as a Social Media Business Development Co-ordinator for websites/blogs and things to do with promoting the please bare with me if I don’t regularly update my blogs every week or so, it just means that I have NOT left my blogging site, or my lovable blog readers/supporters around the world. 
But however, I will manage my time planning management with this blog and my website linked with it, so I can publish posts in my spare time and you will only get the most important news or announcements right here! Sorry for the delays to my readers/supporters. I hope all of you will have a great, warm weather wherever you are…
see you on the next post, right after this!
Thank you for your awareness! 
Love from the Blog Admin.
🙂 x

After numerous complaints from Xbox fans last week, Adam Orth’s rant twitter comments sparked controversy worldwide protesting about DRM that every console requires the Internet to run many functions and responded to fans with his infamous word #Dealwithit! Confirmation to his resignation from Microsoft was reported on Game However we still unsure if the “always on” connection is a go-ahead, hoping the console named “Durango” won’t require that function, and hopefully its backward compatibility with Xbox 360 MUST be supported, otherwise it will be a loss to Microsoft.

Compared to Playstation 4 on the other hand, Sony has confirmed their new console does “not require an online connection” just to play single player games, and also the console “will support backward compatibility”. This could mean Xbox 360 owners will transfer to Playstation 4 because of its marvellous console features and functions.

Check out below on reports for Playstation 4 and why it has won the war already. See you guys on the next update, Good day everybody! 🙂

PS4 will have many launch titles ever!

Hey everyone just a quick update, with the news Xbox 720 announcement around the corner, some bad news has come up all over the internet regarding the next Xbox 8th gen-console codenamed “Next or Durango”.
Since I read reports on the next Xbox console, Xbox gamer fans worldwide including me are angry with Adam Orth, the dumbass behind the future development of Microsoft Xbox consoles in which he has introduced DRM, (Digital Restrictions Management) which is a new policy to ban second-hand used games and backward compatibility to be used. Even worse… he has said that an “always-online connection” is REQUIRED in order to play games, interact, communicate for the new console to function properly. This is very bad news for Xbox customers too, not only that but the Xbox 360 won’t be able to communicate with the new console; this includes Xbox 360 games & data transferable content.

Angry Xbox 360 gamers have protested against DRM policy for the new console, and also for the always- online connection mode only as not everyone around the world can’t afford for a decent/fast broadband connection during these hard, economic times, plus its IMPOSSIBLE for every device to be always on and connected to the internet in order to function properly. It is not required for every device to be running online at present, people have a choice to do what they desire, whether it is to run that device online or offline mode. But since that does not make Adam Orth understand our feedback, he responded back with stupid answers (talks absolutely rubbish on the matter), insulting back with harsh words, therefore he does not care about the arising problems people identify… read the full report Xbox 360 fans angry after Adam Orth’s Twitter insult! Not a very sensible person to work at Microsoft Games. There has been previous reports back in 2007, where he says something inappropriate. Now even a sensible director would not even swear about a game and then posted by his friend…Adam Orth caught “swearing at Halo game!”

I and along with other protesters have hit back and started creating petitions, if everyone can kindly share your thoughts and sign the petition, we can change the policy, or even better, make Microsoft to FIRE Adam Orth because we will not tolerate his plans and stupidity. Please go to the site below and thanks for all of your support:

Online Petition for Microsoft to sack Adam Orth!

Thank you for your attention and see you on the next update! 🙂

Capcom has reported that they have carefully decided to go ahead with the game to be ported in HD for the newly released Wii U. On May 24th 2013, Resident Evil Revelations will be re-released on game discs for purchase in retail stores near you and possibly Games on Demand for Xbox LIVE/PSN/Wii U/Windows Online Marketplace. The game will cost around £39.99 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U whereas it cost only £29.99 for PC at GAME retail stores.


Resident Evil Revelations was the most played game EVER in the series than RESIDENT EVIL 6 and Operation Raccoon City combined.

After disappointing reviews for RESIDENT EVIL 6, Capcom’s profit sales dropped tremendously, creating a concern for the company giant’s future. At the very last minute, they have read feedbacks from gamers who are desperately URGING Capcom to bring back the survival horror roots for future Resident Evil games. However, Capcom will only decide to continue the series where RESIDENT EVIL 6 left of, or by just rebooting the franchise and starting from the beginning is a ‘slight possibility’. The future games will be developed obviously for the Xbox 720 and PS4 including many other 8th gen game consoles, if only the re-released Resident Evil Revelations HD Remake is a success. Only time will tell.
Are you excited to get your hands on Revelations? If you had a plot or story to bring the series to a new era, what would it be? Feel free to comment below this post.

Read the full report here:

See you on the next update very soon!

Ever get the thought that you would like play more HD remakes since you have played Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD & Resident Evil 4 HD? Well now you can..

Capcom is willing to bring back the original and authentic survival horror titles such as the best classics of Resident Evil 0,1,2 & 3 to be ported back on today’s game consoles including online marketplace services such as Xbox LIVE/PSN. This will be good for gamers as they would like to catch up on their favourites they have missed out. But only if there is enough fan support for that original game to be remade in glorious HD, Capcom will certainly understand what the fans want, well hopefully to my petition!
I decided to create my very own online petition, (which is delivered to Capcom Co and the director of Resident Evil) to bring back the classic retro titles onto Xbox 360 and PS3, or the so called next 8th gen consoles. So far I have been posting it everywhere on the internet using the social networking services, game sites etc. 
I have received positive comments from a few supporters backing up my campaign and they are also backing up and supporting my opinions/views.
Join in the live campaign and support the petition by sharing your ideas and views.

Link to the campaign: 

Many thanks for your support guys, lets make the impossible, possible!

Hey everyone, sorry I was not posting new articles for several weeks… it has been a busy week for me during studies. Hope I did not bore you while I was away. Please accept my apology.. Got some really good news I would like to share to the world below. So read on, enjoy & comment on my post:

According to a gaming site from, Resident Evil: Revelations, the most highly ranked (and indeed the best survival horror game of all time), is a Nintendo 3DS game previously ‘rated for both Xbox 360 & PS3 to be ported in HD remakes via Xbox LIVE and PSN’. Surprisingly the rumour is indeed TRUE! The game was voted to be ported on the currently 7th-gen consoles by the Game Rating Boards of South Korea. The game reported that it has competed very well at the box office with the most positive reviews from the media all over the world, and just maybe surpassing RESIDENT EVIL 6 when it is port-released. This is because of it’s highly trusted horror-themed scenarios that will be enough to scare gamers… unlike the action-oriented theme from RE6.

The game is set in the year 2005, which takes place between the events from Resident Evil 4 & 5. Onboard a luxurious cruise ship called the ‘Queen Zenobia’ located in eastern Europe, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, including other BSAA agents are investigating a horrific T-Abyss virus outbreak from a leaked sample, that has infected everyone on the ship and the cause of the outbreak was done deliberately by a bio-terrorist group know as the ‘II Veltro’. The BSSA try to prevent the attacks from going global.

Resident Evil: Revelations was released in early 2012 and was only available for the 3DS, however the announcement including the date release will probably be announced by CAPCOM in mid or late 2013 (providing them to complete RESIDENT EVIL 7 by sometime in 2015).
Revelations will be the first Resident Evil survival horror theme set to be ported on the currently next-gen video game consoles, so I am glad that I am looking forward to it and cannot wait to play the game. Will let everyone know of any news about this topic. Stay tuned!!!  

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