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Hey guys and girls, welcome back to my blog, this may be true or a rumour, but CAPCOM may be over with their RESIDENT EVIL franchise or maybe a possible reboot to the whole series starting from the beginning of the story and how the incidents began. This may be the last game in the series, the catchphrase “NO HOPE LEFT!” explains it all, as some of the characters might die off thus the global virus crisis cripples the Earth, virtually infecting every living creature. But who knows, guess we have to find out what really happens.

Alright everyone that’s all for tonight, take care wherever you are. Bye! 🙂

Hey everyone, here is a nice desktop theme for you, especially for RESIDENT EVIL fans, its safe as I have applied it myself on my Windows 7 Desktop. Works on both Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit. Click the link below to download the theme pack file and enjoy the variety of backgrounds.

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog, ok.. in this post, I am going to tell you about the Graphics.

The game uses the MT framework graphics engine, which was used in RESIDENT EVIL 5, even the LOST PLANET franchise, but an upgraded version to make the picture quality more realistic, sharp contrast and in high definition, facial expression are amazing as you can tell from the trailers from my previous posts. In the cut-scenes, it feels like that you are watching RESIDENT EVIL 6 as a CGI movie, it is that superb, not to mention that CAPCOM hired 600 workers to adapt and design this game to impress us. However I can tell you this that the new improved upgraded engine provides the game with superior lighting and special effects that will blow you away. Below is the image in high def.

Amazing look and feel at the Picture quality!! Very high detailed too.

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog, just as promised, the features of the game are as follows below.

  • The over-the-shoulder style camera view from Resident Evil 4 and 5 will return for this game, at the same time, it seems that the gameplay will feature Move and Shot instead for the TANK controls.
  • New and improved take cover system for Chris gameplay, enables players to slide to a cover point, i.e.  behind an obstacle and shoot. Blind-fire is an additional to the cover system.
  • Leon will be able to dual-wield weapons for the first time and shows his reflexes while shooting against enemies.
  • Play three different characters – Leon.S.Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller. Each will have a unique story campaign
  • Zombies are more cunning, clever can leap and jump, even arm themselves with weapons.
  • The game will be 2/3 times longer than Resident Evil 5, may include a 3 game disc, as the story is divided in three parts for each main characters. 
  • May feature a better and improved Mercenaries mode.
  • The new and improved input button dodge system from Resident Evil 4 and 5 will return for this game.
  • Players can now perform CQC and Melee moves for example; Leon is seen attacking zombies with an Axe as shown in the game footage.
  • Co-op  mode from RESIDENT EVIL 5 will return, much better and improved. Players can drop in/out at anytime during the game as well as multi-player mode.
  • Offline supports up to 2 players for Co-op, Online supports 4-6 players. 
  • New weapons will be available. 
Leon dual-wielding two handguns
Chris quickly slides to a cover point

Hello everyone, welcome back to another edition and a very special short update. Anyone getting CAPCOM’s new franchise Dragon’s Dogma are in a very early special treat, get your hands on your copy of the Xbox 360 version only!! A retrieval code is inside the game case to unlock the demo of RESIDENT EVIL 6, with the beta starting on July 3rd 2012. Unlockable demo has not been confirmed for the PS3 version, so it’s only the Xbox 360 version.

Release Date:
North America: May 22, 2012
Europe: May 25, 2012
Japan: May 24, 2012

RESIDENT EVIL 6 demo will also be available on XBOX LIVE and PSN possibly on September 5th 2012.

Thanks guys and girls for your attention. That’s all for tonight, will update the next blog titled ‘RESIDENT EVIL 6 FEATURES’.  Goodnight from me and from the UK. Happy Gaming where ever you are!!

Hey guys and girls welcome back to my blog, just received  some fresh reports I found out  from a link i cannot find.. that the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham (first appearance in Resident Evil 4 timeline and was Leon’s partner) is a zombie possibly and infects her own father Adam Graham, currently the United States President. I don’t know how she got infected but it was very shocking to me, (my guess is that it could be Ada Wong who infected her or it could be Helena, who accidentally caused the incident).
Ashley was reported missing again by the President, so Leon and Helena Harper are ordered by the President to find her ‘before the President turned into a zombie’ (which is true in the story).

When Leon and Helen found out that the President was infected, Leon was going through tough decisions whether to shot him or not, as the two bonded ‘a good friendship that cannot be broken’ during his flashback. Leon made his final decision and shot him in the head.

The U.S President Adam Graham with Leon
Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4

Hi guys and girls, welcome to my official blog and i hope you readers are having a splendid day wherever you are.It’s a pleasure if your are reading this so hope you enjoy it.
Okay I am going to explain in detail about this popular and conclusion to the final game in the hit series, let me take you back where all this started and how it got leaked onto the world wide web, I think I was one the first to spot the leak, or maybe in the middle somewhere.So some years have passed by after the ‘very successful’ RESIDENT EVIL 5 was released. CAPCOM secretly decided to develop the game to surprise their RESIDENT EVIL fans, until September 15th 2011 during the closing ceremony of TGS (Tokyo Game Show). An unknown employee who I think who was working for CAPCOM captured the data on a camcorder of the leak reveal trailer, however this reveal trailer leak was considered a ‘fake’ by CAPCOM in Japan.
Click here to read the article about the fake info. The link will open a new window

In late November 2011, another leak was spotted on the internet. Joe Cappelletti and Wendy Mok’s CV was published on numerous different gaming websites stating ‘they were candidates for the game characters’. This was proven true as CAPCOM immediately takes off the information from sites.
Click the here to read the full statement. The link will open a new window

It was not long until they finally come out of hiding and officially announced themselves that the game was ‘in development’. In Early 2012, the world was shocked when an official reveal trailer was published onto the internet by CAPCOM and was also broadcast on television.
Check out the video below. The video shows both Leon.S.Kennedy and his new female partner, Helena Harper. They are both agents of the U.S Secret Service Agency.

It was revealed that the game’s plot is set in 2013 (fifteen years after the destruction of T-Virus infected town of Raccoon City). The United States, China and other locations of the world are in danger as a new bio-threat leak called the ‘C-Virus’ that created the new type of zombies from humans, grips the entire planet and infects every living creature, with ‘NO HOPE LEFT’… Meaning the end of human civilization!

A second Captivate trailer (shown above) was released on March 2012 detailing more about the C-virus and reveals more information on the characters (some old and new ones are confirmed). Chris Redfield returns once again to fight the war on terrorism. He works for BSAA(Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), and is now the Captain. Along with his new partner Piers Nivans who is a new character, guides him in the mission.
Jake Muller, works as a mercenary in exchange for money to support his mother. He is also the son of the late Albert Wesker. Sherry Birkin is reported to be his assistant and she is a U.S agent, protecting Jake, because he has the source to save humanity…. his blood!
And finally Ada Wong, who returns and is now the woman behind the new C-Virus threat, she eventually crosses path with the characters, some reason Leon, is protecting her… but why???. STAY TUNED!!

Well that’s all the info for now. Hope all of you readers enjoyed reading my blog. Will update the next blog on Thursday 26/04/2012 as i got to implement some gadgets on here. See ya and have a good day/night!

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