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Okay I am going to explain in detail about this popular and conclusion to the final game in the hit series, let me take you back where all this started and how it got leaked onto the world wide web, I think I was one the first to spot the leak, or maybe in the middle somewhere.So some years have passed by after the ‘very successful’ RESIDENT EVIL 5 was released. CAPCOM secretly decided to develop the game to surprise their RESIDENT EVIL fans, until September 15th 2011 during the closing ceremony of TGS (Tokyo Game Show). An unknown employee who I think who was working for CAPCOM captured the data on a camcorder of the leak reveal trailer, however this reveal trailer leak was considered a ‘fake’ by CAPCOM in Japan.
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In late November 2011, another leak was spotted on the internet. Joe Cappelletti and Wendy Mok’s CV was published on numerous different gaming websites stating ‘they were candidates for the game characters’. This was proven true as CAPCOM immediately takes off the information from sites.
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It was not long until they finally come out of hiding and officially announced themselves that the game was ‘in development’. In Early 2012, the world was shocked when an official reveal trailer was published onto the internet by CAPCOM and was also broadcast on television.
Check out the video below. The video shows both Leon.S.Kennedy and his new female partner, Helena Harper. They are both agents of the U.S Secret Service Agency.

It was revealed that the game’s plot is set in 2013 (fifteen years after the destruction of T-Virus infected town of Raccoon City). The United States, China and other locations of the world are in danger as a new bio-threat leak called the ‘C-Virus’ that created the new type of zombies from humans, grips the entire planet and infects every living creature, with ‘NO HOPE LEFT’… Meaning the end of human civilization!

A second Captivate trailer (shown above) was released on March 2012 detailing more about the C-virus and reveals more information on the characters (some old and new ones are confirmed). Chris Redfield returns once again to fight the war on terrorism. He works for BSAA(Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), and is now the Captain. Along with his new partner Piers Nivans who is a new character, guides him in the mission.
Jake Muller, works as a mercenary in exchange for money to support his mother. He is also the son of the late Albert Wesker. Sherry Birkin is reported to be his assistant and she is a U.S agent, protecting Jake, because he has the source to save humanity…. his blood!
And finally Ada Wong, who returns and is now the woman behind the new C-Virus threat, she eventually crosses path with the characters, some reason Leon, is protecting her… but why???. STAY TUNED!!

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