Hey guys and girls welcome back to my blog, just received  some fresh reports I found out  from a link i cannot find.. that the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham (first appearance in Resident Evil 4 timeline and was Leon’s partner) is a zombie possibly and infects her own father Adam Graham, currently the United States President. I don’t know how she got infected but it was very shocking to me, (my guess is that it could be Ada Wong who infected her or it could be Helena, who accidentally caused the incident).
Ashley was reported missing again by the President, so Leon and Helena Harper are ordered by the President to find her ‘before the President turned into a zombie’ (which is true in the story).

When Leon and Helen found out that the President was infected, Leon was going through tough decisions whether to shot him or not, as the two bonded ‘a good friendship that cannot be broken’ during his flashback. Leon made his final decision and shot him in the head.

The U.S President Adam Graham with Leon
Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4