Hello everyone, welcome back to another edition and a very special short update. Anyone getting CAPCOM’s new franchise Dragon’s Dogma are in a very early special treat, get your hands on your copy of the Xbox 360 version only!! A retrieval code is inside the game case to unlock the demo of RESIDENT EVIL 6, with the beta starting on July 3rd 2012. Unlockable demo has not been confirmed for the PS3 version, so it’s only the Xbox 360 version.

Release Date:
North America: May 22, 2012
Europe: May 25, 2012
Japan: May 24, 2012

RESIDENT EVIL 6 demo will also be available on XBOX LIVE and PSN possibly on September 5th 2012.

Thanks guys and girls for your attention. That’s all for tonight, will update the next blog titled ‘RESIDENT EVIL 6 FEATURES’.  Goodnight from me and from the UK. Happy Gaming where ever you are!!