Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog, just as promised, the features of the game are as follows below.

  • The over-the-shoulder style camera view from Resident Evil 4 and 5 will return for this game, at the same time, it seems that the gameplay will feature Move and Shot instead for the TANK controls.
  • New and improved take cover system for Chris gameplay, enables players to slide to a cover point, i.e.  behind an obstacle and shoot. Blind-fire is an additional to the cover system.
  • Leon will be able to dual-wield weapons for the first time and shows his reflexes while shooting against enemies.
  • Play three different characters – Leon.S.Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller. Each will have a unique story campaign
  • Zombies are more cunning, clever can leap and jump, even arm themselves with weapons.
  • The game will be 2/3 times longer than Resident Evil 5, may include a 3 game disc, as the story is divided in three parts for each main characters. 
  • May feature a better and improved Mercenaries mode.
  • The new and improved input button dodge system from Resident Evil 4 and 5 will return for this game.
  • Players can now perform CQC and Melee moves for example; Leon is seen attacking zombies with an Axe as shown in the game footage.
  • Co-op  mode from RESIDENT EVIL 5 will return, much better and improved. Players can drop in/out at anytime during the game as well as multi-player mode.
  • Offline supports up to 2 players for Co-op, Online supports 4-6 players. 
  • New weapons will be available. 
Leon dual-wielding two handguns
Chris quickly slides to a cover point