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This post is not based on the game, but some strange odd news from the media and in newspapers appeared detailing on about ‘zombies’.Yeah folks its real… and you better believe it. It seems RESIDENT EVIL is real and there has been a number of cases all over America. The drug or chemical named ‘Bath Salts’ was to blame for the strange human behaviour. It’s something like from a horror movie.

“Naked man eats homeless man’s face”. There was another case where a ‘student eats his house-mate’s heart and brain out’ and the lists goes on. I would like to share this information with you proving that there is evidence to all of this madness and it is NOT fake! 

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‘I was shocked to read the front-page news stating a recent horrifying zombie outbreak!’ 
This image was taken from the source by the free Metro UK newspaper that I picked up at a Railway station.  27/06/12. 

I took a photo of this from my Samsung Tocco Lite camera, and on the front page at the bottom, I read the whole article on ‘Zombie epidemic’, the article basically states on ‘stressful women are taking the risk’, more than men, on ‘prescribing dangerous illicit drugs’ from pharmacies in order to destress, relax and also brings less pressure to families. Judging by the statement, the mounting pressure on debts and the global economic meltdown was to blame, and could be a rumour leading to more of these strange epidemic to spread to parts of the world.

Resident Evil 6 Exclusive Collector’s Edition pack includes Resident Evil hoodie, art-book and avatar/DLC Theme as shown in the featured image below.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my exclusive post right here on Blogger.Video Games Publisher CAPCOM has revealed a special Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition to be released in Europe and Australia after the official release launch date 2nd October 2012 for the standard version of the game. The new SKU contains a sleek, steel bookcase copy of the game, plus a grey Tall Oaks hoodie, art-book and an exclusive DLC code for gamers to redeem and purchase free unlocked content online.

Here is a full list of content that is included in the C.E:

  • Resident Evil 6 game.
  • Zombie steel-book case.
  • Exclusive Resident Evil 6 hardback art-book showing the concept art images from the game.
  • Resident Evil 6 Avatar DLC redeem code for Xbox 360 owners OR Resident Evil 6 Dynamic Theme for PS3 owners.
  • Ivy University, Tall Oaks hooded sweatshirt (one size).
  • ‘The Resident Evil 6 forces emblems’ – High quality enamelled zinc alloy emblems of the three main protagonists squad insignias, mounted and set in a limited numbered frame authenticated with signatures from Senior Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Resident Evil 6 Game Director Elichiro Sasaki. A must have item for Resident Evil fans out there.
In the United Kingdom, the Collector’s Edition will be sold exclusively by retailers that are yet to be announced a release date for it.
Alternatively, there’s a Limited Edition Steel Book version of Resident Evil 6, which will be available in retail stores and high street shops at around the same price as the standard original version. Images of both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Steel-book cases are below. Also please do check out the video link detailing the information about the announcement.

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Hey everyone and welcome back, two new clips of Leon’s Story Mode gameplay has emerged out of the shadows, looks scary enough. I won’t spoil the excitement so take a look of the two clips yourselves. 

By the looks of it, I am amazed the graphics engine looks way better and its very much more clearer, sharper in detail than in RESIDENT EVIL 5.
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Play in HD and enjoy! 🙂
Next update soon…

Hello boys and girls and welcome back. Now this ‘secret’ was revealed by CAPCOM a few days ago stating they will bring in new ‘additional of four players’ to assist player 1 and your partner as Player 2 or CPU on Co-op mode online, even adds the assist to beat the toughest, hardest enemies on the hardest difficulty level including mini and main bosses in Campaign mode. Players can hop in and out anytime (unlike in RESIDENT EVIL 5 where players can only join in the fun when player 1 makes it to a checkpoint or either restart the game to enable them to join straight away in Campaign mode).
If other players can’t be found during online play. Then that means the game’s A.I (CPU player) will take over instead. No worries as the A.I in this game has been made deep improvements since RESIDENT EVIL 5.

More updates to follow. Return here to check up. Adios! 🙂

Hello RESIDENT EVIL 6 fans and welcome back to my official blog. Video Games Publisher CAPCOM has reported that their most anticipated upcoming game RESIDENT EVIL 6 will win ‘Game Of The Year 2012’ Awards.

I would too vote the game, that it will win the Hall of Fame in the gaming world plus more gamers will be interested in buying the game plus it has every character in it, including Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy teaming up and working together along with Jake Muller (the son of the late Albert Wesker) and Sherry Birkin (the deceased William and Annette Birkin’s daughter) to neutralize, defeat the global outbreak including the so called ‘NEO-UMBRELLA’ the reborn version of Umbrella Coporation which has been revived by the former President’s aide Derek C. Simmons, Ada Wong and Umbrella worker Carla Radames. 
CAPCOM hinted their franchise predicts sales will ‘topple over 7 million copies sold worldwide’, making RESIDENT EVIL 6 the ‘best’ in the series than any other survival horror game out there! CAPCOM has developed the game production with the assist to make the game almost as perfect. An ‘astonishing 600 workers’ were hired to develop the game, including storyboards, voice actors, motion capture, QA Testing, characters and graphics designer etc.. 
My opinion states that this game has made it to the top and is better than RESIDENT EVIL 5, yes the game completion will take up to an ‘excellent 30 hours gameplay time’ or more with the DLC’s included. That’s three times longer compared to RESIDENT EVIL 5 story-mode. So you can’t say RESIDENT EVIL 6 is boring or rubbish or its the same old story…. that is NOT true, its all different this time round. Everything, the features in RESIDENT EVIL 5 has changed/in-putted to a new redefined look and layout into the upcoming game, so everything has changed for the best. The game control layout has changed plus looks fantastic, the HUD mode looks sleek and superb, stunning visual lighting effects to make it look realistic with their new-improved MT FRAMEWORK Graphics Engine model. 
RESIDENT EVIL 6 ‘promises to satisfy fans all over the world’, that nothing beats this unmissable dramatic survival horror game of all time in RESIDENT EVIL games history! THE END!!
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Many Thanks everyone and see you on the next update! Goodnight everybody!! 🙂 

Hey boys and girls, I made updates to my fan-made RESIDENT EVIL 6 site, do check it out. While you are on the page, is there any improvement? What improvements do you suggest to make the site better and more easier to navigate?
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Secret Spy Agent Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a secret spy who has been working for an unknown organization and also with Albert Wesker during the events of Resident Evil 2 when the T-Virus outbreak occurred. Wesker was a rival to Umbrella Corporation and wanted to build his own Umbrella by stealing their lab experiments so he can he build a future full of super enhanced soldiers under his command for world domination and being a GOD! He stole this idea from the CEO Oswell E. Spencer and murdered his own mentor to gain his pride by stealing the work and making it his own. Ada on the other hand has plans for herself and sets up Wesker whenever he wants a sample, or to kill Leon due Resident Evil 4. Remember Ada has a deep crush on Leon when they first met in Resident Evil 2, Leon has always been protective over her and thats when she started loving him, so in return Ada saves him from danger and keeps him alive by lying to Wesker that Leon is dead and no longer a threat to him. Ada also eventually helped Leon and Ashley escape the Spanish  infected at the very ending of Resident Evil 4 after she retrieved and ordered Leon to hand over the Las Plagas Virus Sample before the Island they were on was going to be blown up by a nuclear missile to wipe out the infectees.

In RESIDENT EVIL 6, she seems to be more cunning than before but still on the neutral side, still has lust for Leon. Ada has a bounty on her head as Chris and the the rest of BSAA team try to hunt her down and arrest her as they think she is responsible for the C-Virus Outbreak , but the team were infected or wiped out by some sort of C-Virus bomb Ada throws at them. However, Chris Redfield and Pier Nivans survived the attack.

Ada has all the samples collected  from the previous games and she is working along with the former President’s aide, Derek C. Simmons, who is the main culprit behind this and sets up/frames Ada Wong with one of her clone (rumored) being the CEO of the newly reborn NEO-UMBRELLA which has connections to Umbrella Corporation. But Leon still is protective over her and saves her when danger.

Derek C. Simmons 

Derek C. Simmons is a former aide and personal friend to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor) until 2013. This man was responsible for framing Ada Wong for her own clone while others believe she caused all the deaths and attacks (rumour).  He also manages to set-up Leon and Helena and they have a arrest warrant for murdering the President. It was this man who was behind the attacks and leaking the C-Virus mutagen at Tall Oaks in the United States, Edonia in Eastern Europe and Lanshiang in China.

Derek is associated with NEO-UMBRELLA along with the clone of Ada Wong and Carla Radames (female employee to NEO-UMBRELLA).

A photo of Carla Radames

Not much is known about this character, but Carla Radames seems somehow involved with the mysterious organization NEO-UMBRELLA, she is an assistant to Derek C. Simmons. Ada Wong read up her personal  file at one point.

Debra Harper (Sister to Helena)

Debra and Helena Harper were both kidnapped to a secret dark location for some unknown reason, while Helena was trying to calm down her terrified sister. Debra was soon dragged away from her sister by two unknown men working for Derek C. Simmons (the man responsible for all the war crimes and deaths) and possibly killing her while Helena was helpless and powerless into saving her. Helena shouted at the men to take her and not to harm her sister, but they took out Debra instead.


J’avo is a mutated human that was infected with the C-Virus, it has multiple eyes like a spider and has the ability to regenerate if wounded. Chris Redfield and the BSAA were the first to encounter this dangerous creature. Unlike zombies, it has the ability to speak and co-ordinate attacks along with zombies using military weapons, they can leap, run fast and are very intelligent devils.


Ustanak is the boss character. Simply called the Ultimate G-6 monster is a successor and has a similar personality/behaviour to the Nemesis T-type. It can can carry weapons and is very intelligent. Eventually works alongside and has been programmed not to harm Carla Radames, however its main target is to hunt down the mercenary Jake Muller for maybe his blood sample or infect him, so they would not be a cure for all the infectees, thus spreading the virus even more to worse.
Jake and Sherry faced this beast but was unstoppable. At one point Leon and Helena battled the monster as well.

Hey there guys and girls, I found a really cool app that can change your default theme to any theme you like on your Windows 7 Log-on screen, its free, safe and very easy to use. I have downloaded the program myself and have added a unique RESIDENT EVIL 5 theme. Preeeeety cool yeah haha. Check it out for yourself and share it with others. Enjoy!

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Thanks everyone for your attention. 

Hey everyone and welcome back to the RESIDENT EVIL 6 Blog, if you missed the LIVE coverage of E3 2012 for RESIDENT EVIL 6, you have come to the right place.  This new trailer is kick ass and unbelievably awesome including Leon’s gameplay also for Chris and Jake (Wesker). Check out the UNMISSABLE EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS below:

All videos can be switched to HD streaming, enjoy.
Click the play button to play the E3 2012 Official Trailer

Click the play button to get a glimpse of Leon’s Gameplay Walkthrough
Click the play button to get a glimpse of Leon’s Gameplay (Part 1)
Click the play button to get a glimpse of Leon’s Gameplay (Part 2)
Click the play button to get a glimpse of Chris’s Gameplay (Part 1)

Click the play button to get a glimpse Chris’s Gameplay (Part 2)
Click the play button to get a glimpse of Jake’s Gameplay

So, anything you love or gave you an interest after watching all of the above clips? What was the best in these clips? Do you like the new control layout? Add a comment and share your thoughts and opinions to the RESIDENT EVIL 6 fan community. Share this page with your friends and family if you desire. 
My next update will be on Ada Wong, Derek Simmons, Debra Harper, Carla Radames, J’avo and the Boss known as the Ultimate G 6 monster.

It has been confirmed that Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter who appeared in Resident Evil 4, has been infected and turned into a zombie. She turns on her father, then bites him and infects him with the C-Virus, which answers your questions on how the President eventually turned into a zombie. The zombie President then turns on  Leon and his partner. Leon and Helena are both under arrest warrant by the U.S authorities because someone must have saw them murdering the President and reported it.
Leon and Helena immediately contact Ingrid Hunnigan (secret service agent who supports Leon on his missions and provides feedback on his progress) on a private call to fake their deaths as they leave for China for some unfinished business.

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