Secret Spy Agent Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a secret spy who has been working for an unknown organization and also with Albert Wesker during the events of Resident Evil 2 when the T-Virus outbreak occurred. Wesker was a rival to Umbrella Corporation and wanted to build his own Umbrella by stealing their lab experiments so he can he build a future full of super enhanced soldiers under his command for world domination and being a GOD! He stole this idea from the CEO Oswell E. Spencer and murdered his own mentor to gain his pride by stealing the work and making it his own. Ada on the other hand has plans for herself and sets up Wesker whenever he wants a sample, or to kill Leon due Resident Evil 4. Remember Ada has a deep crush on Leon when they first met in Resident Evil 2, Leon has always been protective over her and thats when she started loving him, so in return Ada saves him from danger and keeps him alive by lying to Wesker that Leon is dead and no longer a threat to him. Ada also eventually helped Leon and Ashley escape the Spanish  infected at the very ending of Resident Evil 4 after she retrieved and ordered Leon to hand over the Las Plagas Virus Sample before the Island they were on was going to be blown up by a nuclear missile to wipe out the infectees.

In RESIDENT EVIL 6, she seems to be more cunning than before but still on the neutral side, still has lust for Leon. Ada has a bounty on her head as Chris and the the rest of BSAA team try to hunt her down and arrest her as they think she is responsible for the C-Virus Outbreak , but the team were infected or wiped out by some sort of C-Virus bomb Ada throws at them. However, Chris Redfield and Pier Nivans survived the attack.

Ada has all the samples collected  from the previous games and she is working along with the former President’s aide, Derek C. Simmons, who is the main culprit behind this and sets up/frames Ada Wong with one of her clone (rumored) being the CEO of the newly reborn NEO-UMBRELLA which has connections to Umbrella Corporation. But Leon still is protective over her and saves her when danger.

Derek C. Simmons 

Derek C. Simmons is a former aide and personal friend to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor) until 2013. This man was responsible for framing Ada Wong for her own clone while others believe she caused all the deaths and attacks (rumour).  He also manages to set-up Leon and Helena and they have a arrest warrant for murdering the President. It was this man who was behind the attacks and leaking the C-Virus mutagen at Tall Oaks in the United States, Edonia in Eastern Europe and Lanshiang in China.

Derek is associated with NEO-UMBRELLA along with the clone of Ada Wong and Carla Radames (female employee to NEO-UMBRELLA).

A photo of Carla Radames

Not much is known about this character, but Carla Radames seems somehow involved with the mysterious organization NEO-UMBRELLA, she is an assistant to Derek C. Simmons. Ada Wong read up her personal  file at one point.

Debra Harper (Sister to Helena)

Debra and Helena Harper were both kidnapped to a secret dark location for some unknown reason, while Helena was trying to calm down her terrified sister. Debra was soon dragged away from her sister by two unknown men working for Derek C. Simmons (the man responsible for all the war crimes and deaths) and possibly killing her while Helena was helpless and powerless into saving her. Helena shouted at the men to take her and not to harm her sister, but they took out Debra instead.


J’avo is a mutated human that was infected with the C-Virus, it has multiple eyes like a spider and has the ability to regenerate if wounded. Chris Redfield and the BSAA were the first to encounter this dangerous creature. Unlike zombies, it has the ability to speak and co-ordinate attacks along with zombies using military weapons, they can leap, run fast and are very intelligent devils.


Ustanak is the boss character. Simply called the Ultimate G-6 monster is a successor and has a similar personality/behaviour to the Nemesis T-type. It can can carry weapons and is very intelligent. Eventually works alongside and has been programmed not to harm Carla Radames, however its main target is to hunt down the mercenary Jake Muller for maybe his blood sample or infect him, so they would not be a cure for all the infectees, thus spreading the virus even more to worse.
Jake and Sherry faced this beast but was unstoppable. At one point Leon and Helena battled the monster as well.