Hello RESIDENT EVIL 6 fans and welcome back to my official blog. Video Games Publisher CAPCOM has reported that their most anticipated upcoming game RESIDENT EVIL 6 will win ‘Game Of The Year 2012’ Awards.

I would too vote the game, that it will win the Hall of Fame in the gaming world plus more gamers will be interested in buying the game plus it has every character in it, including Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy teaming up and working together along with Jake Muller (the son of the late Albert Wesker) and Sherry Birkin (the deceased William and Annette Birkin’s daughter) to neutralize, defeat the global outbreak including the so called ‘NEO-UMBRELLA’ the reborn version of Umbrella Coporation which has been revived by the former President’s aide Derek C. Simmons, Ada Wong and Umbrella worker Carla Radames. 
CAPCOM hinted their franchise predicts sales will ‘topple over 7 million copies sold worldwide’, making RESIDENT EVIL 6 the ‘best’ in the series than any other survival horror game out there! CAPCOM has developed the game production with the assist to make the game almost as perfect. An ‘astonishing 600 workers’ were hired to develop the game, including storyboards, voice actors, motion capture, QA Testing, characters and graphics designer etc.. 
My opinion states that this game has made it to the top and is better than RESIDENT EVIL 5, yes the game completion will take up to an ‘excellent 30 hours gameplay time’ or more with the DLC’s included. That’s three times longer compared to RESIDENT EVIL 5 story-mode. So you can’t say RESIDENT EVIL 6 is boring or rubbish or its the same old story…. that is NOT true, its all different this time round. Everything, the features in RESIDENT EVIL 5 has changed/in-putted to a new redefined look and layout into the upcoming game, so everything has changed for the best. The game control layout has changed plus looks fantastic, the HUD mode looks sleek and superb, stunning visual lighting effects to make it look realistic with their new-improved MT FRAMEWORK Graphics Engine model. 
RESIDENT EVIL 6 ‘promises to satisfy fans all over the world’, that nothing beats this unmissable dramatic survival horror game of all time in RESIDENT EVIL games history! THE END!!
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