Hello boys and girls and welcome back. Now this ‘secret’ was revealed by CAPCOM a few days ago stating they will bring in new ‘additional of four players’ to assist player 1 and your partner as Player 2 or CPU on Co-op mode online, even adds the assist to beat the toughest, hardest enemies on the hardest difficulty level including mini and main bosses in Campaign mode. Players can hop in and out anytime (unlike in RESIDENT EVIL 5 where players can only join in the fun when player 1 makes it to a checkpoint or either restart the game to enable them to join straight away in Campaign mode).
If other players can’t be found during online play. Then that means the game’s A.I (CPU player) will take over instead. No worries as the A.I in this game has been made deep improvements since RESIDENT EVIL 5.

More updates to follow. Return here to check up. Adios! 🙂