This post is not based on the game, but some strange odd news from the media and in newspapers appeared detailing on about ‘zombies’.Yeah folks its real… and you better believe it. It seems RESIDENT EVIL is real and there has been a number of cases all over America. The drug or chemical named ‘Bath Salts’ was to blame for the strange human behaviour. It’s something like from a horror movie.

“Naked man eats homeless man’s face”. There was another case where a ‘student eats his house-mate’s heart and brain out’ and the lists goes on. I would like to share this information with you proving that there is evidence to all of this madness and it is NOT fake! 

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‘I was shocked to read the front-page news stating a recent horrifying zombie outbreak!’ 
This image was taken from the source by the free Metro UK newspaper that I picked up at a Railway station.  27/06/12. 

I took a photo of this from my Samsung Tocco Lite camera, and on the front page at the bottom, I read the whole article on ‘Zombie epidemic’, the article basically states on ‘stressful women are taking the risk’, more than men, on ‘prescribing dangerous illicit drugs’ from pharmacies in order to destress, relax and also brings less pressure to families. Judging by the statement, the mounting pressure on debts and the global economic meltdown was to blame, and could be a rumour leading to more of these strange epidemic to spread to parts of the world.