Take a bite-size chunk out of RESIDENT EVIL 6 as the official demo finally becomes available for the beta access in the game Dragon’s Dogma from CAPCOM.

The demo features three various missions with a distinctive gameplay experiences, as each mission features a unique location and different protagonist and as the lead.

Firstly, you play as Leon S. Kennedy alongside with his partner, Helena Harper. You will be exploring the dark defines of the Ivy University Campus Site as you battle your way out from the zombies that fills the hallways and corridors.

Secondly, you play as Chris Redfield alongside with his partner Piers Nivans and the mission starts in China for an intense encounter against the new, deadliest B.O.W creature called J’avo, which is an engineered organism and has special abilities.

Finally and the last mission bit of the demo, you play as Jake Muller alongside Sherry Birkin and the mission starts in a war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia, where the two need to escape from their enemy, Ustanak, the new bio-weapon monster similar to the Nemesis, who constantly chases their target and annihilating them.

For those without Dragon’s Dogma, the long wait ahead continues for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in Early September before the official game will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation and a later date for PC by October 2nd 2012. Enjoy the demo!