Hey everyone and welcome to another yet exciting blog news. Just to confirm to you guys; RESIDENT EVIL 6 has been rated an 18+ ‘Adults only game’ by the BBFC UK (British Board for Film Classification) as the content is restricted from younger children below the age of 18! Yes, the content does include strong violence and gore with strong language and drug use.

Okay… now that is cleared out. Lets start off the exiting news; RESIDENT EVIL 6 will log in a minimum 255 minutes of movie-like cut-scenes. When you calculate that in terms of hours, we are talking about approx. over 4 hours, (very long) plus an additional 15 minutes ofcourse compared to RESIDENT EVIL 5 which had only 65 minutes of cut-scenes, while Resident Evil 4 was over 2 hours worth of cut-scenes to ogle over.

The extra cinematic do not come across as a surprise, considering how there were explanations that RESIDENT EVIL 6’s Storyline will be double that of RESIDENT EVIL 5. But you can bet that the game will be scarier than RESIDENT EVIL 5. You can now experience a dark environment while playing through the campaign mode where some frighting moments will await you. I can now play this in the dark and enjoy the horror scenes. Lets find out by playing the demo on Xbox LIVE, demo will be released in mid September 2012 for the public, even if you did not get a chance to get Dragon’s Dogma on Xbox 360 that including the BETA access to the demo.

Hmm if the game is that long compared to RESIDENT EVIL 5, I wonder if it has 3 game discs included; one for Leon, two for Chris and the last third for Jake???