Hey guys and girls, welcome back to my blog. As Comic-Con 2012 was underway on July 12th 2012 in San Diego, they have posted some very exciting, mind blowing gameplay of Jake and Chris including some explosive boss battles you will encounter in the game. The environment and the layout of everything showcasing in the gameplay is ‘truly amazing’, plus you can do some crazy moves like dodging incoming attacks, kicking stuff, a little bit of kung-fu.

By the looks of all the official gameplay screenshots, good soundtracks, features, characteristics, customizing your characters’ appearance and personality, plus upgrading weaponry etc.. it really makes you to say, “ohh man I cannot wait to buy this game, it rocks!” I really love the upcoming game, the guys at CAPCOM did a tremendous job on developing this game to ‘pure perfection’ making RESIDENT EVIL 6 the ‘best horror game of the year 2012’.

Check out the video clips in HD below and you will know what I mean, the first vid is for Jake and the second for Chris… enjoy!: