Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog for yet another exciting news update.

RESIDENT EVIL 6 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has stated that the upcoming game will may feature ‘PvP’ mode to increase the popularity and sales when the game is released in just under 3 months from now.

Speaking in a interview with GameInformer, Hirabayashi mention in a statement that the campaign is “where we put the majority of our resources and energy.” But also added: “We understand that gamers out there, especially RESIDENT EVIL fans enjoy a little player-versus-player action. We understand that it is important to them… so, while I can’t go into any specifics, just know that we understand that that’s an important aspect of gaming. So don’t worry!”

This seems to be a hint at potential online multi-player or another form of PvP, although this is all I know for now. Once I find out more RESIDENT EVIL 6 news on this, I be sure to let you gamers out there to let everyone know here, so come back regularly to check on news updates.

You can read Hirabayashi’s full interview to GameInformer on: http://adf.ly/B386G