Isn’t that the Avenger’s Tesseract Ada Wong is holding in her hand??

It has been confirmed that RESIDENT EVIL 6 Players will now get the chance to play as a zombie or creature; and their mission is to track down and kill off their enemies, which are the main characters and other supported characters in the game, as players are introduced to a new game mode called ‘Agent Hunt.’
The new game mode enables to place human-controlled creatures or zombies into certain stages according to reports from Andriasang. In these stages there will still be a human-controlled main character, but that player won’t know which of the creatures he/she will be fighting are A.I and which are human-controlled. Players will only know that another human-controlled player has entered the game.
Multiple creatures can team up with others to take on the main characters and other supported characters, you can voice chat to other players enabling to plan and coordinate your attacks.
The game mode is only available if ‘the player has cleared/completed the entire story chapters from the campaign.’

‘Ada Wong Assignments’ has also been confirmed as an unlock-able campaign bonus.
The featured ‘Agent Hunt Mode’ sounds somewhat like the now cancelled game called ‘The Crossing’ from Arkane Studios.
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RESIDENT EVIL 6 is out in retailers for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this October 2nd 2012, including a later date for the PC. Don’t miss the UNMISSABLE!!

To read the full report on the ‘Ada Wong Campaign’ and the ‘new featured game mode’, here is the link to the source:

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