At GamesCom 2012, CAPCOM has confirmed that RESIDENT EVIL 6 will finally have a ‘state-of-the-art Call Of Duty Elite style’ free online web-based statistics tracking service called and players can show off their scores via Facebook and Twitter.
The free service tracks different types of data as you progress through the game, such as the proficiency with weaponry skills, various types of enemies killed, number of player deaths and Mercenary mode scores. The service also provides special rewards by redeeming their hard earned points from completing certain tasks and events. One of those rewards are special in-game costumes, others may be special weaponry or special moves such as a finishing move for each character. Just have to wait and find out what the prizes really is. Take a look of some the screenshots below showcasing the service:

Another good thing about the service is that it enables players to track their progress in real-time via the leaderboard and player statistics with those across the globe. Players can either team up with others or compete head-to-head in a battle or participation through an online challenging events in which players can compare which players out of them has the most best scores for that particular task.
An example CAPCOM provided was a challenge that tasks players with the killings of 10,000 zombies. is LIVE but it is still not granted access just yet. It will be launched when the game is released in retailers October 2nd 2012.

My next update will be on Leon’s and Jake’s Trailer showcased at GamesCom 2012 with gameplay screenshots. Stay tuned for more exciting news!!