A short clip below shows Leon S. Kennedy Hamming it up during the European Civil war…
A short CGI film clip has emerged from the dark showcasing us that Leon has just arrived in the war-torn European country. Armed forces are struggling to battle the oncoming B.O.W.’s as the city has entered a ghost-town battlefield and needs support.

Based on the short clip, Leon receives a short call from Ingrid Hunningan, informing him to evacuate now which is ordered by the U.S Government, but ignores her warning to get out of the country. Instead he heads for the battlefield, (Check out the clip for yourself and find out why!).Leon goes to the battlefield alone to fight the remaining B.O.W.’s including lickers which are being used in the civil war, while elsewhere in the country; the death toll rises because there has been a biohazard leak.

More news will be revealed. Resident Evil: Damnation releases on DVD and Blu-Ray this September 25th 2012.