RESIDENT EVIL 6’s first ever review of the game was published by U.S Sony PlayStation: The Official Magazine. In their review, they mentioned the latest entry in the action/dramatic horror series an “unforgettable experience”.

RESIDENT EVIL 6 has four distinctive campaigns and you can play as Leon S.Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller or Ada Wong. These campaigns are quite “beefy and diverse”. Sony Playstation: The Official Magazine review states that the game has “more content and variety” than any previous titles in the series.

Story-wise, the magazine seems less impressed about it. Capcom characterize the campaign’s plots as “too goofy to really take it seriously”. But still, they consider the storyline to be “more action type with intense gunfights and vehicle chases”.

“RE6 is a strange experience, to be sure – but more importantly, it’s an UNFORGETTABLE one!”, said the the magazine review. When it was time to close the doors, the magazine gave the game rating 9/10, (a cool game that still has some horror in it but has a blend of action/dramatic horror).

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