A Full Report On My Personal Thoughts & Review On RE6…(Contains Spoilers!!)

After a busy several weeks, I finally tested the RE6 Public Demo via Xbox LIVE – Leon S. Kennedy Campaign, I was so excited for this moment to come and was hogged into the demo, just would not stop playing, it was that good, so I tried all the 3 campaigns, but Leon’s one comes first. Read my report below for more:
Everyone knows on FruityGamers.com that I am a hardcore fan of the Resident Evil Franchise developed by Capcom Co and I would like to tell you about my history on Resident Evil games that I have played over the decade. My love for Resident Evil began when I played Resident Evil 2, 3 & finally the 4th game (the first third person – survival horror shooter with the over-the-top shoulder camera view was introduced to the series) on the PS2 since I was a kid.

 It was the survival horror and the dark, scary environment in the game that got me hooked and surely was the fright of my life when you enjoy playing in the dark, until your heart pops out that is… (Don’t play in the dark!) I also loved the cliché scenarios from the previous games had offered.
Fast forward now, to the year 2009; RESIDENT EVIL 5 (the second third person shooter with the over-the-top shoulder camera view after Resident Evil 4) was a success as it sold 5.8 million copies worldwide. United Kingdom reported RESIDENT EVIL 5 was among the fastest selling game in the series for Xbox 360 and PS3. This was because of its tremendous gameplay and its graphics were just so beautiful in HD. After the massive hit RESIDENT EVIL 5 shot up the charts, Capcom secretly was developing the next game for the next-gen video game consoles. But they did not want to expose the surprise just yet, so they fooled the public that there was no development on future titles and kept it top secret meaning restricted.
Early 2012, was a fresh, good start for Capcom. RESIDENT EVIL 6 was announced to the public after a set of rumours/leaks from late last year via the internet after two people showcased their CV on their work for the voices of several characters in RESIDENT EVIL 6 and the return of survival horror with zombies. However the game had a combination of horror/action/fun and is a great game with less disappointment.
Moving Onto RESIDENT EVIL 6 Public Demo – Leon Campaign Review

Warning! Contains Spoilers!!
My reviews are normally elaborate in describing my thoughts and feelings; so hints and/or reveals of the story, character development, and any other plot twists regarding the topic that it covers may arise during to the amount of detail required for suggestions. Being mindful of the fact that spoilers could come into play; you may be better off watching or reading/and or playing the content or material before reading this review. Thank you for your attention and happy reading!
Where To Download The RE6 Public Demo Via Xbox LIVE Marketplace?

It’s simple really, Go onto your Xbox 360 console, sign in to your Xbox LIVE gamer profile and head to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for “demos” on the new fall update Xbox 360 dashboard(If you have been chosen to try out the public beta test via Microsoft Connect, you will get the fall Xbox 360 dashboard update early with Internet Explorer 9). I clicked on “Newly Released” tab to choose to download the free RE6 Public Demo (889.07MB in size). It will take less than half hour or so to download. Once the download is complete, go on to “My Games” tab on the Xbox 360 dashboard and then look for “RESIDENT EVIL 6 Public Demo”. You’re all set to play the demo in style!
A welcome screen will appear displaying on your TV “RESIDENT EVIL 6 Public Demo”, not too long after it finishes displaying the disclaimer about the game’s development is still in progress, as you may expect some minor bugs during gameplay, (thank god there were no screen-tearing issues while playing the game or when a cutscene is initiated). Push the start button located on your Xbox 360 controller and you will see a message saying “To play online, you must be signed in as a GOLD member to be capable of playing online”. I chose to play offline for the time being. Next, push the start button again on your Xbox 360 controller and choose the option to “Play Game”. (Also there is an “Options menu”. It generally contains basic settings such as; Controls, Camera Angle, Game Settings, Display, Audio, and includes a Reset to Default Setting). Two more options come up, “Campaign” and “Join Game”. I chose “Campaign” to play straight away.
Okay, let’s find out what the demo has to offer.
Campaign Scenario Summaries

For this portion of the demo, you have to play the first of three campaigns to experience what it is like. So the first one is Leon’s Campaign, second is Chris’s Campaign, and third is Jake’s Campaign. Try them all out. I decided to start from Leon, Chris and finally Jake.
Begin With Leon

Leon S. Kennedy (right) with partner Helena Harper (left)

Choosing the option of “Leon” gives me the chance to play one of my favourite main characters in the demo, or I get to play as Helena Harper (Leon’s partner). I chose “Leon” to start with. I am then given an option of choosing whether I want my Network Selection to be on Xbox LIVE, System Link, or Offline with the ability to change the “Partner Join” to “Allow”, “ Don’t Allow”, and “Private”. I do really admit that it is a nice touch to choose what type of setting most suits you, because maybe you want someone to join in assisting you throughout the mission. For the first play though, I chose “Don’t Allow” to play solo.
After choosing “Start Game”, a pop-up message will display, “creating game selection!” It will then show you the control layout scheme, displaying the controls on how to play the demo (beginners). The demo immediately starts with a cinematic scene dating on June 23rd 2013 at Ivy University in Tall Oaks,USA. The Campus is under attack as the latest bio-terror and the deliberate leakage of the C-virus (the fog) affects everyone in the building, nationwide and the whole country including the President of the United States, Adam Benford. Leon sees a flashback of him and the President tackling bioterrorism together and shared a common bond together. He had to make a decision quickly as he is forced to shoot the zombified President Adam Benford, as he was about to succumb Helena Harper. After Leon shot the President, both Leon and Helena were in shock. Helena confesses to Leon that the attacks was done by her and saying that it was all her fault, as Leon was surprised or shocked by the news and when Helena knew his name. Leon and Helena receive a call from the S.D.O (Security Division Operations) Ingrid Hunningan. Leon now knows that the woman working as her partner is Helena Harper and she is a secret government agent working for the S.D.O.
Leon reports to Hunningan that he shot the President. Shocked by the news of the President’s death, Hunningan informs both Leon and Helena to escape the campus asap, as they are now wanted criminals for their involvement in the President’s death. Helena convinces Leon to follow her to the Tall Oaks Cathedral so she can explain everything about the incident and her involvement.
The gameplay begins with you controlling Leon as Helena leads or you lead the way
The mission starts in an abandoned campus, soon to find out that a mysterious black fog infects people in contact with the substance. You head through numerous lecture rooms and corridors killing zombies and finding your way out of the campus.
Eventually, you navigate outdoors where you have to access through a security gate in order to make it off campus. An alarm sets off and you are forced to kill off a pack of hungry flesh-eating zombie horde that has surrounded the two of you. Find some herbs around, as there are plenty of them in case you need it. Don’t waste your ammo too much, use hand-to-hand combat if necessary. Soon after you found the keys, some of the zombies that you come across that were inanimate, comes to life and attempts to attack. If you make it through them and get into the building with the campus keycard  and also go through a security check metal detector, it brings out another horde of zombies.
From this point, you have to go down and then turn right, doing so will bring you across even more hordes of zombies. However you come across a police car for your ticket outta there. A short cinematic scene begins once you hop into the car where you have to find the car keys to start the engine and drive like hell. A short cutscene begins where police zombie breaks into the sidedoor window and tries to grab Leon. Leon spins the car out of control and the car flips and crashes, as the car turns into a big blaze. The duo gets a call from Ingrid Hunningan to proceed through the sewers.
And this is where the demo ENDS!
Good Major Points After Demo Gameplay

·         Like every other Resident Evil game, the graphics has improved (MT Framework is the graphics engine as used in Resident Evil 4 and 5). Looks “Purdy, dang beautiful” and almost realistic. Graphics rating has gone UP and has NOT been downgraded.
·         The looks and feel of the game is similarly related to Resident Evil 4 & 5. The camera angle (over-the-top-shoulder view) in those games was brilliant, however in RESIDENT EVIL 6, the camera angle can get a little confusing and sluggish at times (but still has the over-the-top-shoulder view).
·         The Main Menu & Options interface is completely revamped; looks a lot different from RESIDENT EVIL 5. Item slots, health items, and ammunition have their own category selection interface to choose from. Of what I have seen, all items take up one slot. Yes you can still fit a grenade launcher in your trousers, side pocket, or wherever it fits.
·         The Menu & Pause setting screen are NOT A SAFE HAVEN! That’s right, you can only pause during gameplay when you are offline. Online gameplay does NOT pause the game! Bummer, well that sucks, can’t even take a break or get some snacks..
·         You can now change the laser colour of your weapons to any colours of your choice using the Options settings. (this supports the colour blinded people)
·         The game is actually fast-paced with great multiplayer modes, no lacking as the internet connection/server runs smoothly during gameplay. The Mercenaries was a really fun way to kill as many enemies as possible – go solo or join with online friends to team up and score even higher, plus bonus items/locations are revealed once you complete a stage with a good rating or above.
On my next update, I will be soon reporting on Chris’s part of the Campaign. See you next time, and hope you enjoyed today’s update. 🙂