Hey everyone, sorry I was not posting new articles for several weeks… it has been a busy week for me during studies. Hope I did not bore you while I was away. Please accept my apology.. Got some really good news I would like to share to the world below. So read on, enjoy & comment on my post:

According to a gaming site from http://adf.ly/Fi1CZ, Resident Evil: Revelations, the most highly ranked (and indeed the best survival horror game of all time), is a Nintendo 3DS game previously ‘rated for both Xbox 360 & PS3 to be ported in HD remakes via Xbox LIVE and PSN’. Surprisingly the rumour is indeed TRUE! The game was voted to be ported on the currently 7th-gen consoles by the Game Rating Boards of South Korea. The game reported that it has competed very well at the box office with the most positive reviews from the media all over the world, and just maybe surpassing RESIDENT EVIL 6 when it is port-released. This is because of it’s highly trusted horror-themed scenarios that will be enough to scare gamers… unlike the action-oriented theme from RE6.

The game is set in the year 2005, which takes place between the events from Resident Evil 4 & 5. Onboard a luxurious cruise ship called the ‘Queen Zenobia’ located in eastern Europe, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, including other BSAA agents are investigating a horrific T-Abyss virus outbreak from a leaked sample, that has infected everyone on the ship and the cause of the outbreak was done deliberately by a bio-terrorist group know as the ‘II Veltro’. The BSSA try to prevent the attacks from going global.

Resident Evil: Revelations was released in early 2012 and was only available for the 3DS, however the announcement including the date release will probably be announced by CAPCOM in mid or late 2013 (providing them to complete RESIDENT EVIL 7 by sometime in 2015).
Revelations will be the first Resident Evil survival horror theme set to be ported on the currently next-gen video game consoles, so I am glad that I am looking forward to it and cannot wait to play the game. Will let everyone know of any news about this topic. Stay tuned!!!