Ever get the thought that you would like play more HD remakes since you have played Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD & Resident Evil 4 HD? Well now you can..

Capcom is willing to bring back the original and authentic survival horror titles such as the best classics of Resident Evil 0,1,2 & 3 to be ported back on today’s game consoles including online marketplace services such as Xbox LIVE/PSN. This will be good for gamers as they would like to catch up on their favourites they have missed out. But only if there is enough fan support for that original game to be remade in glorious HD, Capcom will certainly understand what the fans want, well hopefully to my petition!
I decided to create my very own online petition, (which is delivered to Capcom Co and the director of Resident Evil) to bring back the classic retro titles onto Xbox 360 and PS3, or the so called next 8th gen consoles. So far I have been posting it everywhere on the internet using the social networking services, game sites etc. 
I have received positive comments from a few supporters backing up my campaign and they are also backing up and supporting my opinions/views.
Join in the live campaign and support the petition by sharing your ideas and views.

Link to the campaign:


Many thanks for your support guys, lets make the impossible, possible!