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After numerous complaints from Xbox fans last week, Adam Orth’s rant twitter comments sparked controversy worldwide protesting about DRM that every console requires the Internet to run many functions and responded to fans with his infamous word #Dealwithit! Confirmation to his resignation from Microsoft was reported on Game However we still unsure if the “always on” connection is a go-ahead, hoping the console named “Durango” won’t require that function, and hopefully its backward compatibility with Xbox 360 MUST be supported, otherwise it will be a loss to Microsoft.

Compared to Playstation 4 on the other hand, Sony has confirmed their new console does “not require an online connection” just to play single player games, and also the console “will support backward compatibility”. This could mean Xbox 360 owners will transfer to Playstation 4 because of its marvellous console features and functions.

Check out below on reports for Playstation 4 and why it has won the war already. See you guys on the next update, Good day everybody! 🙂

PS4 will have many launch titles ever!


Hey everyone just a quick update, with the news Xbox 720 announcement around the corner, some bad news has come up all over the internet regarding the next Xbox 8th gen-console codenamed “Next or Durango”.
Since I read reports on the next Xbox console, Xbox gamer fans worldwide including me are angry with Adam Orth, the dumbass behind the future development of Microsoft Xbox consoles in which he has introduced DRM, (Digital Restrictions Management) which is a new policy to ban second-hand used games and backward compatibility to be used. Even worse… he has said that an “always-online connection” is REQUIRED in order to play games, interact, communicate for the new console to function properly. This is very bad news for Xbox customers too, not only that but the Xbox 360 won’t be able to communicate with the new console; this includes Xbox 360 games & data transferable content.

Angry Xbox 360 gamers have protested against DRM policy for the new console, and also for the always- online connection mode only as not everyone around the world can’t afford for a decent/fast broadband connection during these hard, economic times, plus its IMPOSSIBLE for every device to be always on and connected to the internet in order to function properly. It is not required for every device to be running online at present, people have a choice to do what they desire, whether it is to run that device online or offline mode. But since that does not make Adam Orth understand our feedback, he responded back with stupid answers (talks absolutely rubbish on the matter), insulting back with harsh words, therefore he does not care about the arising problems people identify… read the full report Xbox 360 fans angry after Adam Orth’s Twitter insult! Not a very sensible person to work at Microsoft Games. There has been previous reports back in 2007, where he says something inappropriate. Now even a sensible director would not even swear about a game and then posted by his friend…Adam Orth caught “swearing at Halo game!”

I and along with other protesters have hit back and started creating petitions, if everyone can kindly share your thoughts and sign the petition, we can change the policy, or even better, make Microsoft to FIRE Adam Orth because we will not tolerate his plans and stupidity. Please go to the site below and thanks for all of your support:

Online Petition for Microsoft to sack Adam Orth!

Thank you for your attention and see you on the next update! 🙂

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