Happy Sunny & warm days everyone,

just wanted to give out a quick note to all of you readers/supporters of my blog out there. Since there will be delays on new upcoming post that I will publish from now on, I will be really busy since I found a new job as a Social Media Business Development Co-ordinator for websites/blogs and things to do with promoting the business..so please bare with me if I don’t regularly update my blogs every week or so, it just means that I have NOT left my blogging site, or my lovable blog readers/supporters around the world. 
But however, I will manage my time planning management with this blog and my website linked with it, so I can publish posts in my spare time and you will only get the most important news or announcements right here! Sorry for the delays to my readers/supporters. I hope all of you will have a great, warm weather wherever you are…
see you on the next post, right after this!
Thank you for your awareness! 
Love from the Blog Admin.
🙂 x