Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog… It is now the beginning of August 2013, still no news on Capcom rebooting the entire game franchise or their next main series, even though rumours have suggested a possibly of the series continuing to RESIDENT EVIL 7 when it was a secret reveal towards E3 2013.. however this news has been confirmed ‘false’ by the Capcom team. But on the other hand, Capcom did say RESIDENT EVIL will or maybe be heading towards a ‘full reboot’, only if Revelations HD makes a good impression by fans. So today I will review the game that I have finished this week, apologies it took so long, as I was busy with other work. Please read my personal thoughts on the game below:

“My personal impressions of the game would be that even though Revelations in HD for the Xbox 360 did well in the video games market, selling about 900,000 digital copies worldwide, (including all the video game consoles the HD digital copy was ported on) and was Capcom’s BIGGEST seller game of all time, but my deepest concerned was the game did score an average rating rather than a great rating… not perfect as many survival horror gamers hoped for that this game would be a success. For example; as I was playing the game,  there was some dark and scary situations between missions, where players had very limited amount of ammo and health pick-ups to ‘survive the horror’ lurking behind every corner. But as the campaign was half way or at the near end, it started to lack off the horror abit. One thing I liked was a cruiser-mansion like setting, which was pretty cool. 

Graphics was okay, was worth it being transformed in HD format; good facial textures/expressions.  

The soundtracks in the game were boring, did not deliver that ‘creepy,spooky’ feeling!”                                                                                                      

 So I have come to my conclusion/summary of my review of the game;

The Good -:

  • Has a cruiser-like-mansion plot setting, which reminds you of the dark/spooky Spencer Mansion.
  • Nice cut-scene scenarios.
  • The portable version via Ninetendo 3DS was ported and re-released in HD for today’s 7th-gen game consoles.
  • Has some scares between missions, with a mixture of some suvirval/horror/action elements. 
The Bad-:
  • Lame story.
  • Was NOT classical survival-horror as Capcom mentioned. (They should bring Shinji Makami back as he was and still is the ‘maker of survival horror!’ Without him… Resident Evil does not ‘feel or experience that same classical survival-horror’, which he brought the franchise and his marvellous project work to fame around the world decades ago).
  • Weaponry customization system was not good.
  • Controls are dodgy, felt awkward playing on the X360.
  • The Raid Mode was rubbish, was a non-functional feature in the game.
  • Terrible Soundtracks.
Overall Rating – 6/10 (FAIR!)