Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Sorry about the delay as I am currently on holiday tour – California & The Golden West. Already been to Los Angeles, Phoneix, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Flagstaff.

I did some research on Google to see if there was any news on the next-gen Resident Evil game. 
After disappointing sales on RE6 and Revelations, Capcom has FINALLY reviewed fan’s feedback, concerning on where the video game franchise is leading to. 
If Capcom did not take immediate action on changing the elements of the series, the Resident Evil video game franchise would be cancelled unexpectedly if the classical survival horror did not blend in properly like the retro RE games in the past. After careful consideration, Capcom confirms they are hard at work with RESIDENT EVIL 7 (currently in development) and wants to be ‘core fan-based’, promises the series WILL return back to what was with the scary, blood and gore theme that has driven the series to worldwide popularity.
Check out the full story here: http://adf.ly/Ut0SP

Let’s hope Capcom does not screw RE7, hoping they keep their promise this time.
Will update you guys on the latest upcoming RESIDENT EVIIILLLL!

Take care everyone and Happy Labour Day Weekend America!