Hello everyone (including the video games industries) from around the world and welcome to my WordPressBlog. I started creating my own Google website/blog back in April 2012 as I begun volunteering for a gaming website as a contributor to gain experience in writing blogs or articles to be published onto Fruitygamers.com. My published work is based on Xbox 360 video gaming platform only as my website/blog is about RESIDENT EVIL 6 and many other awesome games I will be planning to write in the near future, so I can recommend a game to any gamers who are interested.

I am currently at South Thames College studying HNC/HND  in Computing. I passed my HNC for Computing and Systems Development and soon to be starting on HND this September. After I have completed my HND in July 2013, I am keen to do a Journalism degree to study at University so I can progress onto becoming a freelancer or a video games journalist because I am very passionate on gaming. My dream career is work with many popular video games industries here in the United Kingdom or abroad in United States of America. I have been to the States many times and I reckon they have far more bigger games industries than here in the UK.

I am also planning to do a short course in Journalism to learn the basics and advance to a higher level before progressing onto my chosen degree. I love handwriting, writing just about anything from stories, but mostly I like to review games that I have played/will be playing.

I have posted all published work in My RESIDENT EVIL 6 Blogs Category. Feel free to read through or have a look around. Thank you for viewing my frontpage of my own Blogsite here on WordPress and enjoy reading my latest post! 😀