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Capcom has reported that they have carefully decided to go ahead with the game to be ported in HD for the newly released Wii U. On May 24th 2013, Resident Evil Revelations will be re-released on game discs for purchase in retail stores near you and possibly Games on Demand for Xbox LIVE/PSN/Wii U/Windows Online Marketplace. The game will cost around £39.99 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U whereas it cost only £29.99 for PC at GAME retail stores.


Resident Evil Revelations was the most played game EVER in the series than RESIDENT EVIL 6 and Operation Raccoon City combined.

After disappointing reviews for RESIDENT EVIL 6, Capcom’s profit sales dropped tremendously, creating a concern for the company giant’s future. At the very last minute, they have read feedbacks from gamers who are desperately URGING Capcom to bring back the survival horror roots for future Resident Evil games. However, Capcom will only decide to continue the series where RESIDENT EVIL 6 left of, or by just rebooting the franchise and starting from the beginning is a ‘slight possibility’. The future games will be developed obviously for the Xbox 720 and PS4 including many other 8th gen game consoles, if only the re-released Resident Evil Revelations HD Remake is a success. Only time will tell.
Are you excited to get your hands on Revelations? If you had a plot or story to bring the series to a new era, what would it be? Feel free to comment below this post.

Read the full report here: http://adf.ly/IUbWj

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As RESIDENT EVIL 6 rapidly approaches to be shipped out in UK retailers, fans are already excited about the game as some are pre-ordering the game online on sites like Amazon.co.uk, Gamestation.co.uk plus many other video game sites to avoid disappointment. The game is set to be the ‘biggest and baddest’ series in the franchise so far with possibly sales going up rapidly providing a quick boost to CAPCOM’s profits despite their loss of 73.1 percent during the double dip recession back in 2010. CAPCOM mentioned they predicted they will have 7 million copies sold worldwide or possibly more than that for the first week after the release date of the official game launch.

Moving on to the footage… At GamesCom 2012 Press Conference Presentation, (video clip is embedded below this article) Director of RESIDENT EVIL 6 Eiichiro Sasaki demonstrated a gameplay from Jake Muller’s Campaign, to the audience of the event on how cool the game looks including the graphics which looks ‘realistic’ with ‘beautiful vivid colours and high contrast’ when you play on a better HD Ready LCD or LED TV.

The footage also shows during a cut-scene sequence of Sherry Birkin telling her childhood horror of her past as she tells the story about the Raccoon City Incident to Jake Muller, including her parents and their work on Umbrella Corporation. She then mentions her close friendship with Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy as they saved her life on that day when she was infected by her own father, who was mutated into the creature known as the ‘G Monster’ or ‘The G’. Claire was the one who vaccinated Sherry. Jake Muller then teased her on the ‘healing ability’ upon gaining super human powers obtained from the G-virus she was infected inside her body. Moments later, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin were interrupted by ‘snow zombies’ and decided to make a run for it from the gun toting horde of the infected.

We will also learn about the relationship between Jake Muller and his deceased father, Albert Wesker.

As you know in many previous gameplay footages from the three campaign modes, each three main characters will go their own ways and will somehow ‘intertwine’ with each other, forming an ‘alliance’, to stop the horror from wiping out mankind. Players will experience something ‘unique and different’ about the Campaign as Jake Muller’s part will be more of an action heavy combat style while Leon S. Kennedy will be more darker, grittier and scarier – dramatic survival horror style and Chris Redfield will be fun-action style. This hints that there will be plenty of large-scale firefights, awesome boss battles and numerous waves of zombies will be the most common.

The game has new additional features to the series which is a brand new revamped ‘take cover’ system, dynamic enemy interactions and an on-rails vehicle sequence. CAPCOM said RESIDENT EVIL 6 will have a close resemble to the popular Call Of Duty Series.

So, what do you think about the footage? Was it good? How is the action sequence and what do you think of the vehicles that players can take control for the first time?

Try playing RESIDENT EVIL 6 Demo for yourself and see how the game really excites you, the demo will definitely tell you that you wanna go BUY THIS AWESOME GAME!

The demo will be available to the public via Xbox LIVE Marketplace on September 5th 2012. Don’t miss it as it will be a thrilling start!

RESIDENT EVIL 6 will be released on October 2nd 2012 exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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