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Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog, CAPCOM is planning development for RESIDENT EVIL 7 after RESIDENT EVIL 6 is complete and hoping for release by 2015, thus not marking the end of the franchise. Found a link to the article, seems true and worth to investigate:


Hey guys and girls, welcome back and sorry to keep you waiting for new fresh posts, been away for awhile. I do apologise for the delay if this has affected you.

Got some new scans to share with people, take a look below:

What do you think of the new scans? What are good and bad thoughts about it? Please comment if you desire. 
More info on my next post. See you all and have a great summer.

Hi everyone and welcome back to my new improved blog template. Hope the layout is okay for you all.

‘The creator of RESIDENT EVIL’ Shinji Mikami and along with the Tango Gamesworks Studio, is working on a new horror game project code-named the ‘Zwei’, there is not much information about this new series but I’m sure it will be as good as RESIDENT EVIL since Japanese are good at developing a good horror genre and is aiming for next year’s release. Here is the link:

So what are your thoughts? Will this new franchise be as BIG as RESIDENT EVIL, or is it gonna be a flop? Even if RESIDENT EVIL 6 is the last game in the franchise, would you want a reboot to the RESIDENT EVIL series from the very begining and to be released on the new upcoming xbox console code-named ‘Durango’? Post your comments below this post to let the world know on YOUR thoughts.

See ya next time and thanks for reading this post. Tc everyone! 🙂 

Hey everyone, a quick update, you may wonder my template and layout has been changed to Dynamic, so I can include more stuff and gadgets on here. Link to website is:

Thanks everyone and hope you like the new changes. Please comment and tell me, if there are any improvements I should do so it is more understandable and clearer for you readers? Are you happy with the changes? Many Thanks.  😀

Hey guys and girls, a quick and brief update, its rumoured that Jill and Claire will make a final comeback in the game, but no news from CAPCOM has confirmed this. I think it would be cool to end the game with everyone in it, don’t you think? Stay tune folks… until next time!

Hey guys and girls, sorry I have been away for awhile, been so busy with my computing assignments and didn’t get a chance to update new stories, however, I have updated my blog and website a lot better so check it out.

Ok let’s get this over with. Recently I read an article about the game being more bloodier, gorier and grittier than ever before. CAPCOM confirmed the enemies will be scarier, meaner, faster and more cunning, yeah they sound and behave like those Ganados from Resident Evil 4, but they are actually more agile than the walking dead….. INTELLIGENT ZOMBIES!! Imagine a Zombie Apocalypse in real life eh, how would you survive the horror?

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