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Good news everyone, we are fast approaching to mid May 2013 and its getting close to Resident Evil: Revelations to be available on almost every home video game consoles near you.

According to my research, I found out Capcom will be delivering a demo version of the most rated Resident Evil “original survival horror game” for fans to try out very soon before getting the actual full game when released in-stores.

This game will mark the return of survival horror in Resident Evil history since decades ago,          and there are six good reasons to buy the game, on what I have read on GammaSquad.
Here is the release dates for all console platforms:
  • Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Wii U & Xbox 360 

NA May 21, 2013.

JP May 23, 2013.

AU May 23, 2013.

EU May 24, 2013.

For more info, click here! The game must be UNMISSABLE if it is priced at a high rate. The PC version will be priced at cheapest of 29.99, while the home-console versions will be at 39.99!
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Happy Sunny & warm days everyone,

just wanted to give out a quick note to all of you readers/supporters of my blog out there. Since there will be delays on new upcoming post that I will publish from now on, I will be really busy since I found a new job as a Social Media Business Development Co-ordinator for websites/blogs and things to do with promoting the please bare with me if I don’t regularly update my blogs every week or so, it just means that I have NOT left my blogging site, or my lovable blog readers/supporters around the world. 
But however, I will manage my time planning management with this blog and my website linked with it, so I can publish posts in my spare time and you will only get the most important news or announcements right here! Sorry for the delays to my readers/supporters. I hope all of you will have a great, warm weather wherever you are…
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Thank you for your awareness! 
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